How to repair a car windshield

A damaged windshield must always be repaired immediately, if it is not replaced. The windshield is actually a structural component of your vehicle’s cab and driving with a damaged or unstable windshield can be dangerous, especially if you encounter strong winds or are involved in an accident. Windshield work often requires professional help, but for the experienced professional, it is possible to repair your own.


  1. Acquire in-depth knowledge of how to remove and install windshields by reading a good selection of auto repair manuals. You can obtain such manuals and reference materials from your car dealership or you can purchase windshield repair videos, either from your local bookstore or online. You should feel absolutely comfortable in repairing your car’s windshield.
  2. Wax through the windshield molding until it is completely soaked, allowing you to easily remove the trim without damaging the windshield itself. If possible, repeat this process every day for at least three days, especially if the setting is old and rusty. When the molding is completely smooth, the removal of the cuttings should be almost automatic.
  3. Slide the adjustment removal tool hooked under the power so that the hook can connect with one of the clips. Release the clip by pulling the tool towards you or the center of the window. Normally, the adjustment will connect with a click on the clip or a screw on the clip. Repeat this procedure for each clip along the windshield.
  4. Cut the seal of the butyl window away from the windshield with a knife. To do this, around the entire circumference of the windshield. This should be done with caution so as not to damage the glass further.
  5. Use the cold knife to penetrate the butyl material. For this, the position of the blade of 90 degrees of the cold blade in the channel between the windshield and the metal frame. The blade should be in alignment with the windshield frame. When pulling the cold knife’s T-handle it should allow the butyl material to penetrate. The entire process of cutting through the butyl material should no longer take more than six minutes.
  6. Gently push through the windshield from inside the car. By doing this, the window will remain in place due to the remains of the factory attached to the cover. Find an assistant or two to keep the windshield until you get out of the car. Once the windshield is removed, set it aside for repair and installation.

Tips and warnings

  • Be sure to clean as much of the butyl material as possible. To do this, you can use a spatula together with a mineral solvent. Dispose of as much rust as possible within the areas of the windshield and fairing channel. Once this is finished, the windshield must then be able to fit perfectly into the channel.
  • In order for the first attempt at repairing or installing a windshield to be a success, you should never attempt to repair your windshield without the proper knowledge and without a good helper. That will do more harm than good if you drop it and break the windshield when trying to install it yourself.