How to remove a Jeep Windshield

Remove the black outer frame windshield located on the edge of the windshield. Use the butter knife to remove it from the place.

Place the wire cut piece in the groove of the tool hook. The slot of the instrument hook should be in the center of its cable. Bend the cable over the end of the instrument hook.

Push the hook of the tool with the thread through the upper left side of the windshield — this is the weakest area of ​​the Jeep windshield. Place well between the windshield and the frame on which the windshield is stuck on.

Remove the instrument hook and leave your thread behind. If the thread keeps pulling out when the hook tool is removed, have someone hold the wire inside.

T-handle to hold the handles to each end of the cable. Insert the wire through the holes in the handle to secure the wire in place.

With the help of another person, grasp each T-handle handle and pull down on the windshield. Turning around the edge until the windshield separates from the tail.

Remove the windshield. With the help of another person, carefully lift on the jeep’s windshield. Wear gloves if the windshield was shattered.