How to repair a crack in the glass of the car

Examine the chip with a magnifying glass. Long cracks require you to change the windshield, but many others can be repaired with a simple auto glass repair kit. Although they are not obstructing the view, all chips and small cracks should be repaired immediately. Over time they can become a long crack and will undoubtedly become magnets impossible to remove dirt.

Buy a car glass or windshield repair kit. You can find a simple injection adhesive kit for most department stores or the local auto store for about ten dollars. There are more complicated kits, but they are not the most effective of the easiest to use those. It must be simple.

Start with a clean and dry windshield. It’s absolutely essential that the windshield be completely dry and somewhere near or around room temperature. If it is cold or it rains outside, you will have to take the car in a garage.

Peel the coating film from a pre-cut adhesive strip and apply it to clean the glass, centered on the chip. Polish with a blunt object and remove the remaining film. Make sure that the plastic adapter supplied with the kit is vertical, adhere to the film. Bruno time.

Remove the lid of the adhesive syringe, avoiding drips from the car paint. Attach the syringe to the adapter and, holding the syringe body with one hand so that it is firm, pull the handle of the syringe back until it stops. This vacuum removes air and allows the adhesive to penetrate the groove. Hold the position for one minute.

Release the handle. Do not apply pressure on the handle of the syringe, just let it go. This will force adhesive into the slot. Repeat as many times as necessary until the crack is completely filled with adhesive. Remove the syringe, vial adapter and the adhesive sheet from the glass and remove the excess adhesive around the crack with a moistened alcohol towel, leaving a bubble of adhesive in the same slot.

Let dry. Allow the glue to dry for several hours. When hardening remove excess adhesive from the slit with a sharp razor blade. Congratulations, you have successfully repaired the windshield and you will save a lot of time and money in the process!