How can you take care of your windshield

The windshield not only allows you to isolate the vehicle and remove the wind as the name itself, you must also know that offers up to 30% of the structural strength of the vehicle and allows the airbag deployed properly as it is its support element.

So if you take the windshield with an impact you think it can crack at any time, and the problem will then be greater, safety and cost of the settlement.

According to a report developed by and Car glass, 80% of glass breakage due to impacts during driving, so the state of the road surface is an important risk factor for gravel impact on the windshield.

Another cause of mishaps with your windshield usually falling branches by 13% impairment.

We always talk windshield but cars have more crystals than the windscreen, although this is the most sinister causes 73% of cases, followed by 21% the side windows and the rear window 6%

While breakages impacts on windscreens are mainly cause bad floors, in cases of side windows, unfortunately often the main reason theft attempts.

The report of the and Car glass some tips to take better care of your given windshield, for example, be careful with changes in temperature, i.e. very hot and direct cool air to the moon can cause it to break, like very cold and hot water to remove ice, and it can also cause breakage.

Another recommendation for the benefit of proper maintenance of the windshield is to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, to reduce the effects of an impact of gravel.

However professionals recommend going to the workshop although it suffers minimal impact and how important detail wipers renew every 12 months to avoid damaging.