How to remove the windshield

In the life of all motorists there may be situations in which a head in the favorite car glass to be replaced, and before that, consequently, be removed. Well it may happen that the windshield is broken or shattered. But not all the owners of your iron horses tend to get in touch with the service: some want to save, and some are trying to do everything yourself. In this article, we will give you some tips that relate to the removal of the car windshield.

Our recommendations, you will learn the subtleties of the replacement windshield, learn some tips that will facilitate your work and help protect the vehicle from damage. Therefore, how to remove the windshield.

For windshield replacement

  • The first, and as it may seem the easiest way to remove the glass is as follows. Take home a blanket or thick quilt, a wake in your cabin on the floor. Then, with a few hammer blows are carried by a piece of glass in pieces. Well, it is a joke. I would like to say that it is necessary to remove the glass very carefully, because the fragments of the same length and difficult to clean, why waste precious time.
  • Well, now, it left us seriously. The second way in which it is possible to remove the windshield – a special machine. It makes a few quick and clean cuts, with a special blade. This method is used in modern glass workshops, and not everyone has this machine is not at hand if necessary.
  • So let’s look at a third, more affordable and easy way, namely, a method to remove the glass with the help of a rope. And, by the way, when deciding to replace the windows, grab a friend to help you.

Removing the windshield itself

  • So, get to work. First of all we have to remove all the external parts, which will prevent the dismantling. It is necessary to remove the windshield wipers and trim. And watch your car for scratches when it is removed because it can accidentally scratch the hood. To avoid this, cover it with a cloth (a blanket, a blanket). If the glass can be squeezed – it is good, if there is no need to cut with a chain.
  • Take the string of the guitar (the third, fourth or fifth number). The string should always be braided. The fact is that when fixing the windows of the car to the body, many car manufacturers use silicon (in particular, this applies to cars). Therefore, I tell you a secret, the rope braid easily an incision in the tail.
  • Next, choose a suitable angle for the windshield landing site, and, with the help of stitching, making a puncture ordered. The resulting hole insert our chain. At the same time, a person must hold its inner edge of the passenger compartment of the chain, and fellow out of the car the other end.
  • Then, we direct the chain towards the silicone, sawing it carefully. Therefore, we have to walk around the perimeter of the windshield.
  • I mean, cutting through the windshield, be careful. Make sure the chain does not damage the plastic components in the car…

When you disassemble the windshield of the old silicone remnants remain on the perimeter. Some motorists clean out of it, thinking it is better. But this is misleading. An old silicone will also hold a new window after installing it, so to speak, an additional adhesion between the glass and the seat.

In the process it will be easier if you work on the gloves.

This method can be removed not only the front glass of your car, but also backwards. That is basically all you need to know motorist who decided to participate in the dismantling of the windshield of your car. I would like to add that, in fact, this process It is not complicated at all.

Maybe someone will tell you that you are not going to work, do not listen. Through this method, you can save a lot of dismantling funds, you can buy everything you need for your favorite iron horse the main thing in this matter with care and prudence then everything happens as it should.