How to prevent cracks from spreading through the windshield

The cracks in the windshield of the car can be frustrating and a threat to security .Most windshield cracks begin with a small stroke of an object such as a rock or stone, while driving. A crack can propagate through a windshield become dangerous and requires immediate replacement. If your windshield has begun to crumble, it may require a repair professional at some point. I do may not result in a serious risk of security, because your windshield will be greatly weakened. Is, however, possible to stop the spread of cracks, which could avoid the need to replace the windscreen. Applying nail polish or a windshield repair kit can stop the propagation of a crack in the windshield.


  1. Carefully clean the area around the crack and let dry thoroughly in the sun. If there is no sun out, dry it with a hair dryer.
  2. Transparent glaze applied to small cracks in the windshield nails. Use the brush that comes with glaze, introducing it into the crack, both inside and outside. Allow the polish to dry. While not a permanent solution, this is going to buy a little time to find a place economic repair and stop the expansion of the crack.
  3. Purchase a repair kit windshield auto shop. The kits contain the same resins used repairers to fix the cracks. Mix the resin with the applicator and place in the crack. Clean excess resin and follow the directions on the package for drying.