Cleaning the windshield

Has not that happened in traffic, begins one of those storms that hinders full visibility through the windshield, we activate the wipers and still do not see anything? Many motorists neglect to clean the glass, being that they are one of the most important parts of our car, if we are not blind to wash the car should give the required attention to cleaning the glass, especially the windshield and gums cleaners.

When washing the car get used to change the water of the windscreen wiper. We can add a splash of a cleaner product, to make it easier to clean while driving go. Never put detergent or produce foam, as this may cause visibility problems when cleaning while driving. Moreover, we must check the tires of the cleaner periodically to confirm that they are in good condition and have proper operation.

The magic liquid crystals impeccable leave of one tablespoon of shampoo hair, dissolved in one liter of water.

The cloth we use must be soaked in the solution to pass through the glass three times and “carve” with energy. After a minute I rinsed, we had only a damp cloth with water and finally dry it with paper. This procedure must be both outside and inside the crystals.

The advantage of using shampoo, is that this falling water slides, plus it gives the glass a kind of bath. Repels dust; protects from scratches and leaves ready for road trips in glass.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the weather: the rainy season; whether it is journeyed by dirt; the smoke of the trucks has a kind of oil that fouls a lot.

We can bring in the car a spray with a little of this solution to clean if necessary, some napkins and towels to dry.

Never use alcohol or lens cleaner. Do not use solvents, as they leave marks and sometimes irreparably damage the glass.

After a trip or a long journey, it is likely that in the glass and windshield have been insects. To clean, use warm water and a cloth, and then move the cleaner. If we continue our journey, we can shed a cola on the glass, or water mixed with a little vinegar, then wipe with paper. This will facilitate the task.

In very cold mornings you are likely to encounter ice or frost adhering to the crystals. Never remove hot water, thermal change may damage the glass. We can sprinkle with salt and then with cold water to loosen the ice.

There is a trick to prevent ice crystals from forming. During the afternoon, when it’s warmer, will soak glasses out with salt water and let air dry. When the water evaporates, it will be a thin layer of salt, to prevent icing. We can also spray antifreeze to prevent frost or remove that has formed.