Adjusting the spray nozzles windshield wiper

Most cars modern equipped with spray nozzles in front of the windshield which are designed to spray liquid to clean the glass. When a new car leaves the production line, the nozzles are correctly aligned toward the windshield. Over time, however, they may deviate from its original position and finish spraying the fluid in less than perfect directions. Fortunately, the setting of this device is easy and fast.


Sit in the driver’s seat and the corresponding controls used to spray some liquid on the windshield. Observe the direction of the jets carefully in order to determine the necessary adjustment.

Pull the hood release lever, open the hood and place the support rod in place. Look at the bottom of each nozzle to see if there is an adjustable nut, not all vehicles have. If there is an adjustable wrench, loosen it with a wrench. Close the hood.

Try twisting the nozzle from side to side with your fingers. If there was no nut to loosen in the previous step, you may not be moved. If you can move, you orientate them in the direction they should go and then reassembles the car to spray some liquid and test operation. If necessary, continues adjusting and testing them until the nozzles pointing in the right direction. When you’re done, re-tighten the adjustable nut, if there was one and had loosened in the previous step.

Adjust the nozzles within the nozzle housings if necessary and possible. There are two ways to do it. You can take the tip of the nozzle with a thin tip pliers to move it, or you can insert a needle into the nozzle orifice and use it to guide it. In any case, be very careful when doing this, as not all the spray nozzles can be adjusted in this way. You should be able to realize when looking at the nozzle if it can be adjusted in this way, since the nozzle seem to be emerging from a round plastic ball. These designs are like a ball and socket joint; the nozzle is the ball and the nozzle housing is the socket.

Tips & Warnings:

  • If you have a manual specific to the vehicle owner that you want to adjust the spray nozzles, See it first. You can find more detailed information on the design of the nozzles.
  • By adjusting the nozzles in the spray ball and socket type, you should move down (more parallel to the ground) if liquid is coming out too high above the windshield and onto the roof. If the fluid is falling too low on the windshield, leaving the top dirty side, move the nozzles up (more perpendicular to the ground).