How to replace a windshield washer pump Ford Escape

A washer pump work is a must for any car. The option to clean the windshield on the go is something that every driver needs.


  1. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left, so that the right front wheel is rotated inward.
  2. Remove the dowel pins that hold the inner lining of the right front fender in place, using the pocket screwdriver to lift cores pins. Once the cores are stopped, the pins can pry out by inserting the screwdriver head pocket under the bolt head.
  3. Pull the inner fender liner out of the way.
  4. Use the socket set to remove the fasteners securing the bottle washer in place. Once removed, lower the bottle upside down to get to the pump, located either at the top or side, depending on the year of Escape.
  5. Use the needle nose pliers to disconnect the hose from the washer pump. The hose should be held with small hose clamps that can be released by compressing lashes with tweezers and then pull the hose away.
  6. Turn the washer pump and out of the bottle. Use the pocket screwdriver to disconnect the harness that goes to the pump.
  7. Connect the replacement pump for the harness. Then insert back into the bottle on the reverse of how old was removed.
  8. Reconnect the hose and reinstall the bottle in reverse order. Place the fender liner in place and reinstall the finished pins.

Tips and Warnings

  • Washing nozzle located at the base of the windshield, it can become clogged with hard water deposits if the vehicle has ever used water instead of cleaning fluid. If this happens, take a small piece of wire and clean the nozzle. This uniform spray fluid on the windshield.