How to prevent a windshield cracks extend

How to prevent a windshield cracks from spreading. If you vehicle’s windshield is cracked, you only have two choices. You can pay to change all your windshield or repair cracks. Repair cracks in a windshield can prevent cracks from spreading and reduce the high cost of replacing the entire windshield. Learn how to prevent cracks in a windshield extend these steps.


  1. Examine the crack to determine if it can be repaired or if the entire windshield should be changed. If the cracks are older than 30 days, wider than 1/8 inch (0.31 cm) or longer than 12 inches (30 cm), change the entire windshield.
  2. Take your vehicle to a repair shop windows. A good shop fixing cars with the best glass available and can repair cracked or pitted area. The crack will remain visible but much less noticeable and windshield not split more.
  3. Store Make you a quote. Compare this quote with at least one more glass. Compare the cost of repairs to the cost of replacing the entire windshield. Most windshield repairs cost more but compare that lets you know the difference.
  4. Call your insurance company to see if the repair is covered under your insurance policy. Some insurance policies pay for the repair or replacement of the windshield. Other companies do not cover either, and you must pay the deductible or pay out of pocket for any repair.

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