How to fix a car window that does not rise?

The car windows are usually a glass sheet within a track with a pulley, which is operated with an automatic or manual crank. When the glass is not lifted or lowered, there are several parts that may be failing and need repair. The average mechanical spend half an hour to remove the door and fix the problem.


  1. Remove the door panel to access the mechanical system of the window. In most vehicles is achieved by removing the screws from behind the inner door handle and pulling the panel to disengage the plastic snap rivets. With manual windows, remove the screw holding the handle to the frame of the window. Once the panel is off, there will be openings in the sheet to access the window pulley and the crank.
  2. Check the position of the window glass inside the track. If the glass has shifted from the track or leaning to one side, you probably will not rise properly. The tracks may have loosened over time and may need to tighten so that the glass fit properly.
  3. In manual windows, check the operation of the crank and connecting mechanism. If turning the crank, not these mechanical arms move, the window will not rise. Normally, the pulley system must be completely replaced when a fail of its mechanical parts.
  4. For electric windows, check the fuse and circuit wiring engine, including the operation switch. Any points in the electrical system can fail and prevent the window from moving. The battery may be dead, or the engine of the car cannot be activated because some vehicles required for the operation of the window. The engine may fail after years of continuous use, and replaced by disconnecting cables to the adapter plug and unbolting it.
  5. Take the glass of the window, if you cannot move. The ice and snow may freeze the glass in place, just as does the vinyl glue and adhesives. Remove or lock unfreeze let’s move the window.

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