Home glass repair Auto Glass Safelight

When one of his glasses is damaged, you do not want to think about the time and money required repair. We know your time and money are valuable. With glass repair Safelight home, you can save time and money, according to their insurance coverage.

The choice is yours: to repair glasses, Safelight can come to you or you can visit one of our workshops.

Service workshop vs. home

Our services are available to more than 95% of drivers in all 50 US states. Here you will find everything you need to know about the differences between our glass repair services at home and in the workshops.

Home service

  • We have about 5,000 Mobile Glass Shops workshops across the country, ready to move where you are. Save valuable time calling for us to go to their work, home or elsewhere. We will be where we need it.
  • The protection and safety of our customers are important to the delivery service. If you give us your email address when you schedule an appointment, we will send technical profile with the name, a photo and credentials.
  • We will provide a specific time frame for repair appointment when the schedule. For added convenience, our auto glass technicians may call the morning of the event and provide you with a more accurate arrival times.
  • For home delivery, technical safe lite uses a special technology that facilitates the process for our customers. The software is linked to mobile applications that manage the technical state of the work and take care of the paperwork wirelessly at home.