Glass replacement

The replacement should be performed in exclusive moons workshops, where experts are in this work. To replace a windshield moon follow these steps:

  1. Protect the vehicle in areas where we will intervene
  2. Retired moldings, windshield wipers and all exterior plastic
  3. Moon cut the windshield manually with a steel cable
  4. We removed the windshield moon.
  5. We removed the old putty.
  6. We apply a primer to the vehicle and the new moon.
  7. We apply mastic on the vehicle.
  8. We put the moon windshield on the vehicle.
  9. Adjust the trim , wipers and plastic previously removed
  10. Leave the car up to 24 hours without driving it or read the instructions to see the exact amount of time that the car needs to wait before you can drive it safely.