We’ve all had it happen; a truck kicks up a stone or a construction vehicle falls submit a loose rock at full speed directly to your windshield, leaving a star or crack porthole in his previously perfect cup. Now you have three options. One, you can refuse to do anything about the new damage to your vehicle, two, you can use a DIY repair kit glass, or three; you can spend a lot of time, money and hassle to replace the entire windshield.

First, the last thing you want to do is nothing. If left untreated what was once a small crack can spread and become a real security problem? Damage often the target will be “spider” in the rest of your windshield making it unsafe and become an obstacle for the drivers. This is more common in cars that experience extreme temperature changes, such as your car rinse with very cold water on a hot summer day; this highlights the glass and can cause damage to spread.

What you should do to fix the damage? If you have one of the most common types of damage, and you probably do, a repair kit Glass can be a real lifesaver and save money too! Damage is typically round or star-shaped and may even have a black or silver to it. Especially known as bulls’ eye combination means bulls eyes, beeswing cracks or fractures stars listening. Such cracks can be easily fixed with a repair kit glass. How to Repair DIY Glass Work?

Well the best type of kit is one that does not put any pressure on the glass surface. Not all kits work this way so be sure to investigate how the product works before investing. Even small cracks are fragile; you do not want to move on something that is already broken, you’ll definitely regret it. Avoid any threats kit using screws, suction cups or complicated sets of bridge. What I want to do is get a kit that uses a vacuum system to remove all air from the damaged area allowing the resin to flow easily into the crack and fill the damaged area as a whole. DIY windshield repair replacement windshield VS

Their only alternative is to replace the entire windshield. Now this is an expensive option and time so just does it if absolutely necessary. A new windshield will not come cheap, can cost up to $300, and in some cases more. It will be long and will be without your vehicle for a few days, and very often once the new windshield is set, the vehicle cannot be driven by a day or two.

On a side note, choosing to replace your windshield when you won’t need not only cost money, but it also takes a toll on the environment. About 11-12 million windshields are replaced annually in the US only. As many as 39% of the windshield has a simple crack that could be easily solved with a repair kit.

So when that stone comes flying down the road and lands in the middle of your windshield, make sure wisely choose their course of action. Save yourself the aggravation and just fix it yourself.