Changing the window glass in a car door

Cars are made ​​today much stronger than they were 10 years ago. Despite this technological advantage, security glass window is broken thousands of times per day in the United States. Unfortunately, the cost of repairing this damage has increased dramatically over the same period due to the complexity of modern building car door.

The average amateur car can still replace the broken glass door provided they have a basic set of automotive tools and follow some simple procedures. Doing so will result in hundreds of dollars in savings, as well as offering the opportunity to perform routine maintenance on the door assembly. You’ll need a screwdriver set.

  1. Put on eye protection and gloves. Clean all the broken pieces of safety glass if the door window broken. Remove large pieces of glass by hand and then inhale small pieces with a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to get all the little pieces of glass that are minted in several places in the door and around the car. A shop van accessories with small irregular shapes is very useful to do this. Do not roll the window up or down yet, wait until you are sure all the broken glass has been removed.
  2. Remove the access panels of the door and screw whole covers… These are usually held in place with small Phillips screws. Remove the additional covers such as roofing panel switches and remote switch covers you. Many covers are held in place with clips, so just snap when pressure is applied in the right direction. The end result should be a panel of the door naked without other accessories.
  3. Vacuum glass particles safety catch yourself as you remove the door. If you are unsure of the correct placement of the pieces as they are removed, label them with tape and a pencil.
  4. Remove the electrical connections of the door switches. Most connections will be of the variety of plug type, which just released that can only be placed back in a position. These include window switches, power door locks, rear view controls, etc. Mark each group of switches with tape and a pencil, if you are unsure of how they will be reassembled later.
  5. Locate the mounting bolts door panel (or screws depending on the manufacturer). Most door panels use a combination of screws and fasteners plastic thrust. After all screws have been located and removed gently pry up and out to remove door panel. It may be necessary to twist and turn when removing the panel to clear any obstruction. Be sure to disengage the electrical connection clips are intended to ensure electrical wiring for door panel before pulling too hard. Place the door panel aside.
  6. Remove any time (plastic) insulation. You remember how it was installed. Locate and remove the support bars building door. These usually run vertically or horizontally across the inside of the door frame, and is held in place with screws medium sized. Carefully empty all inside the frame of the door and remove all the pieces of glass rebel’s hand.
  7. Insert the new glass door through greater access in the door frame, or through the channel of glass on top of the door (manufacturer). Place the vessel in the proper position on the support arm glass. Start carefully reassemble the components in the reverse order of removal. Lubricate (very small amount) to any of the mechanical components in movement, such as sliding levers as precautionary maintenance.