Why windshield replacement car is so cheap?

Car windscreen is usually the first damaged in an accident or during an uprising or robbery of people living in neighborhoods particularly unsafe. However, once damaged windshield, windshield replacement is necessary to do immediately. A powerful windscreen ensures that objects can fly and not get hit windshield while you’re on the road and in case of an accident; windshield protects both driver and passengers.

There are thousands of companies that sell auto glass and windshield replaced. Replacing a windshield is something that everyone can do thanks to a nearby glass companies are professionals who do an excellent job. Brand and model of your vehicle’s windshield will determine the price, because not all cost the same amount.

In most cases, the insurance company will cover all costs. Normal price for windshield replacement can vary between $ 200 – $ 300, but note that the make and model of the vehicle determines the cost.

Windshield Cracks

Companies Glass provides enough options to ensure a safe and effective windscreen. For example, a glass company tells you that complete replacement windscreen is not always necessary. Some auto glass cracks can be repaired.

Windshield repair can be expensive, but in some cases, the damage is minimal for car owners. They can decide to do repairs if the damage is not too extensive. The repair process typically involves the use of resins, which are injected into the cracks. It is best to have a professional windshield that a dangerous defect.

Crack the windshield may be due to a number of reasons, such as a chip gravel flying in air can crack the glass when the vehicle is in motion. Accidents are certainly the most common cause, but extremely cold weather is also capable of causing damage to the windshield. Thieves often try to break into cars and people will smash windows to do this, but if the glass is strong enough, it will not break, but it can leave a crack.

A number of companies offer glass windshield replacement kits that also include resin and can be used by anyone, provided you follow a few simple guidelines. More and more people opt for self-help methods when it comes to replace the windshield because of cost. Because there are dozens of videos how to do, it’s easy for people to repair small cracks in the windshield on their own.

Windshield replacement

Windshield replacement should not last more than a few hours, but an important part of improving your car to make sure it meets all safety standards for automobiles. By law, every driver must have a windshield that does not interfere with navigation in any way. You may contact any glass company online to get their price quotes and find which one best suits depending on your budget.

Look at the auto glass repair and replacement

Chips and cracks often occur in motor vehicle glass that will require repair or replacement windscreen. A variety of situations can cause damage auto glass. Can a stone flying up and hitting the windshield on the road, because it can be an accident, or perhaps especially in winter or cold weather.

Extreme temperatures on each side of the spectrum management itself and fatigue can cause small glass chips or cracks that spread rapidly in the windshield. This is an important issue to be addressed as soon as possible. A quick fix of a chip or crack is much cheaper than the thought that you can leave a chip or crack beyond repair, resulting in obtaining a total replacement of the windshield.

The latest technology has greatly improved auto glass chip and crack repair. Technicians are able to inject resin into the glass, air and vacuum, providing a seal that is almost certain as glass and windshield replacement total economy.

Insurance companies also encourages windscreen repairs when repair is needed, rather than replace. This is one of the first times that everyone seems to enjoy.

It should also be noted that most companies Glass offers a mobile service to its customers, providing another level of comfort. Auto glass technicians are able to arrive at the doorstep, work, or business, make the necessary repairs and then move on. This does not interrupt work on the client, and allows repairs to be completed, and after completion, the customer can go fast on its way.

In some cases, a chip or a crack becomes too high or too severe, and in such cases, it requires a change of the windscreen. This is important for maintaining the safety and structural integrity of the glass. A safe vehicle is clearly visible, not only for the driver but also for the safety of other drivers on the road.

Treatments rain on windshield

Visibility is reduced due to road accidents. Rain, snow and reduced visibility at night helps. Treatments for rain on the windshield, not only improves visibility by 34 %, according to a study by the Institute for Transportation Research at the University of Michigan, but also extends the life of the wiper. Treatments allow wiper that are used with more frequency as when used, create less friction. Different types of treatments produce different results for drivers.

Treatment based on silicone

Spread Based on the silicon surface treatment windshield Rain-X. Silicone cover windscreen. For the best results you need to polish the windshield. Treatments silicone wears faster than other treatments, because this material is not chemically bound to the windshield.

Fluorinated compounds

The aviation industry has developed technology fluorinated compounds. Their chemical compounds naturally binds to the windshield, making less frequent reapplication.


Nanotechnology link even more than fluorinated compounds. A treatment of rain on the windshield, as Daemon Fusion may take up to a year. No need to polish the windshield after application because it adheres quickly. In addition to repel rain, the treatments of nanotechnology also repel stains from bugs and debris birds.

Tips for choosing the best windshield replacement company

If you need to replace the windshield, it is best to choose a respected auto glass company to do this, both for quality and durability as work performed on the windshield.

Quality materials

One of the first considerations you have to make when choosing an auto glass company has to do with the materials used. Glass protects all exterior elements. The only barrier between you and the stones that are thrown by the tires on the road. As you can see, the degree of glass you choose is very important. Make sure that the company that does business with installing windshields have your car model.

State of the art processes

When you need replacement windscreen you need to do this quickly. Specialized processes used by the company to be efficient in time and made fast. Ask information society techniques they use and make sure they have all the tools needed to install and seal new windshield.


A reputable windshield replacement company can be sensitive and responsive to customer needs. Make sure that the company offers an online form for bids. You should also check if the company is available during the hours convenient for you. Evaluate customer service skills on their own and seek each glass company in your area, so you can compare the treatment they receive when customers call for price quotations.

Process of claim with the insurance companies

Did you know that in some cases, replacement windshield can be covered by insurance? If you carry comprehensive coverage, you can have the windshield replaced at a low cost. If you have a deductible, only the amount of money you have to pay when services are performed on your vehicle is the amount deductible. Some insurance companies will waive the deductible if the windshield can be repaired.

Reputation glass company you choose is very important. Meet with representatives from more than one company and discuss if you need to repair a windscreen or its replacement. Inspect each offer then take the final decision for choosing the right company.

When performed windshield repair?

The windshield is one of the most important elements that a machine has different sizes and have different characteristics, the thicker are the most expensive, because they protect more effectively in accidents or before crushing blow to a solid object.

Windshield repair is a procedure that combines qualification to fill with a transparent adhesive resin with the latest technology; when the resin is cured or healed completely recover the affected area, this means you will receive structural force such as you had before and at the same time, to recover almost 100% of transparency. Windshield Repair is an activity that can take place provided that this is because there are flaws that can not be repaired while others are incorrigible and this is where the bottle should be discarded completely.

Usually stones at a diameter of 3 cm can do some simple cracks up to a length of 70 cm. They always more than three months could be quite serious repairs. Windshield repair advantage is that it can be done anywhere, because it does not require locking points or other complex requirements and therefore can not perform this action if we ask door-to-door service.

Windshield Repair: procedures and costs

Repairing a windshield is vital for several reasons, primarily, but not saving money by avoiding total change of glass. If we compare the cost of replacement or repair of a bottle realize that at present, the incorporation of rain sensors, antennas, photochromic glasses and security systems have become more expensive and therefore most users prefer to address.

When we go to repair windshield managed to save at least 60 % of what you would spend for replacement. The average time to perform this task is not more than 25 minutes and requires no care. Windscreen repairs has many advantages, can be done at home in the first squirt bottle We can apply this icing or be in the sun while the vehicle can handle without fear for our safety.

Tips for Auto Glass Repair

No matter how old is your car, chipped or cracked windshield can be a pain. Auto Glass is not just an affordable solution if you need to replace it.Unfortunately, many people do not realize how easy it is to replace it with a new auto glass specialist.

Solving the problem with chips and cracks is inevitable to do but to grow and spread. Fortunately auto glass repair is a simple and affordable compared to full window replacement.

The first step of auto glass specialist would assess the damage to the glass. If the damage is severe it can refer to a shop to be changed only windshield glasses used without damage. Most of the cracks or chips can be set at the time they are less than 6 inches long. Damage of this nature can be tackled with some auto glass resins.

Note that modern glass is made of two layers of rubber membrane between them. If cracks are in the top layer when a repair is possible.

If the windshield can be repaired then the solution is relatively easy. The whole process usually takes only 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the specialty store. With a simple resin is cured by sunlight, the specialist injects epoxy chip or crack with a special set of tools. This covers damage repair windshield.

Auto glass repair merges with the surrounding and almost completely hide the original injury while the windscreen is strengthened. The resin is strong enough to maintain the original chip and crack propagation is a complete and permanent.

If you have a chip or a crack growing in your car window the best thing is it treated immediately. Every strong gust of wind or scrap stones that hit the window can cause a large crack.

How to replace windshield wiper reservoir on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Keeping a clean Jeep windshield helps you see better and makes your trip safer with the family. Windscreen washer fluid helps to do this, but sometimes leaks occur in the tank and you have to replace it.


  1. Looking the part number for your windshield washer tank cleaner. The number depends on the year of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Get the request at the dealership or online or by contact with a store recycling auto parts.
  2. Put the truck in “Park” more or some manufacturer call this Maintenance mode and turn it off. Do not forget to remove the keys. While still in the driver’s seat, put your hand under the instrument panel on the left side, and pull the hood release lever.
  3. Go to Part front of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and locate the auxiliary release, which is in the center of the hood. Pull the latch to open the hood enough for you to get up until the hydraulic lift is activated and fully open.
  4. Search the windshield washer reservoir. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is at the front of the engine compartment on the passenger side.
  5. Disconnect the negative battery cable. If your vehicle comes with airbags, wait at least 90 seconds after disconnecting the battery cable before continuing.
  6. Remove the front splash guard to reach the windshield washer reservoir using a screwdriver and a wrench 10 mm to loosen the three screws screw the two screws 10 mm and the five clips with screws. Then pull the screen slightly so you can remove the rubber stopper. Then you should be able to remove the backsplash.
  7. Disconnect all cables to the deposit, including hoses, guide wires and mounting screws. Free the air box by removing the top cover; unscrew the screws or staples, whatever it is holding in place. Then slide the air filter and remove the three nuts 10 mm at the bottom of the air box. Finally, disconnect hoses and air box slides outward.
  8. Loosen the two screws that are securing the deposit against the fender inside. After that, simply lift the wiper tank out. Throw away the seals need to change when you install the new tank.
  9. Reassemble the Jeep Grand Cherokee, putting the tank back in your truck wiper screwing in place, placing the air box and mounting bolts and fixing the hoses and other cables by reversing the process from step 7.
  10. Place your backsplash back together in reverse order in step 6. Reconnect the battery. Make sure you put everything back exactly as you found to ensure your Jeep Grand Cherokee work properly and fill the tank again with the cleaning liquid.

Tips and Warnings

  • If the crack in your windshield washer reservoir Cherokee is small, try putting on patches instead of replacing the tank completely. To increase your chances of finding the leak, pour some cleaning liquid in the tank.
  • Never run the pump when you don’t have wiper fluid. This causes the pump to malfunction and require replacement, which may be a more difficult task to replace the tank.

How to repair a broken windshield

When the windshield is scratched is better to be repaired immediately. Some people ignore that small scratches. Unfortunately, they do not disappear. The problem seems to be small but can become a larger and costs could be even more expensive.


  1. Clean the windshield. Use soap and water or glass cleaner to thoroughly clean the glass and remove all traces of dirt and debris. Rinse and allow to dry completely before attempting to repair.
  2. Apply the paste for polishing glass.
  3. Use a soft cloth to rub the solution. Glasses are fragile and if too much pressure is exerted on them can damage the lens.
  4. Allow to dry. It will take about 30 minutes. Then clean and rinse the windshield, dry with a cloth.
  5. Repeat these steps every six months. Glass repair equipment to provide a temporary solution. Because eventually reappears best to apply the paste after wards.

Tips and Warnings

If the windshield has a deep scratch or broken, go to an auto repair shop to repair. Depending on its severity, the repair shop may inject a bit of glue in that region so as not to worsen.


Tools for repairing Auto Windshield

Cleaning windshield of your car is one of the most important maintenance tasks that can be performed. A dirty windshield can lead to decreased visual field, which can lead to an accident. Fortunately there are many tools available to keep the interior and exterior of your windshield clean and clear.

Glass Cleaner

Cleaning glass is an essential part to maintain a clean and clear windscreen. Ammonia-based cleaning is excellent because the windshield glass clean well enough, but it can damage the finish on other areas of your car. If you decide to use this solution, be careful lest they drip. In addition use ammonia based cleaning it in a well ventilated, it may cause respiratory irritation.

Microfiber towels

After washing, drying you like windshield; use a cloth that will not scratch the glass surface. Microfiber towels are not abrasive, are absorbent, making them ideal for this task. Microfiber towels also leaves less lint on the glass after use.

Polish Glass

If you use a glass cleaner on the windshield will help remove water stains and will prevent them develop the windshield. Apply Enamel auto glass like wax, polish and clean with a microfiber cloth.


Windscreen wipers are essential to maintain. They need to be reviewed periodically to ensure that the rubber is still in good condition and clean. Debris from the windshield must be removed regularly. When cleaning the windscreen wiper blades wipe with a clean, damp cloth to remove traces of insects and road debris.

Replace windows with unbreakable glass house

Fundamentals of unbreakable glass

Shatterproof glass windows are manufactured by many companies that claim to produce more resistant glass. Resistance is determined by the amount of force used to break or destroy the glass. To replace an unbreakable glass windows simply have to remove the old windows and install new ones. In almost all cases, will be adapted to the window. All you have to do is to measure the length and width of the window (from the interior frames) and then give these dimensions to a manufacturer of window glass.


The cost is taken into account when windows are replaced. Some unbreakable glasses are more expensive than traditional glass windows. This is due to the process used for the manufacture of glass making it stronger. Part of this process is thermal tempering or chemical washes to increase strength glass. Another consideration is the thermal efficiency. Safety glass may be stronger, but if you have double glazing will not be as good thermal performance.

Installation Tips

There is no doubt that to replace the windows in your home with shatterproof glass is best to do a professional. Professional installation can ensure that new windows can provide the highest thermal efficiency without gaps or openings. If your safety is the main concern, installing new windows shatterproof glass is an excellent idea. Just make sure to check the rating of the strength of glass and consider other options before replacing windows. As an alternative, you can always install a protective layer to make any glass.