Auto glass repair insurance claims

A damaged windshield doesn’t always need to be replaced.

If your car’s windshield has minor damage, such as a chip or crack measuring less than 6 inches, it can probably be repaired.

Since even a small crack can grow over time, it’s important to report your glass damage claim as soon as possible.

Windshield and glass damage can occur suddenly and distract you when driving.

What to do if your vehicle’s glass has been damaged:

  1. If you’re on the road and the damage obscures your vision, pull to a safe location and put on your emergency lights.
  2. Be prepared to provide your vehicle’s year, make and model.
  3. Pick the date, time and place where you’d like the repair or replacement service performed.
  4. Make a note of your referral number.

Should you repair or replace a damaged windshield?

While minor auto glass damage may often be repairable, major damage can require replacement. Left unrepaired, even a chip or crack can spread and shatter. So, it’s important to have your windshield fixed by a qualified facility right away.

Among the advantages :

  • Protecting you and your passengers. Hit a pothole or a bump in the road and the impact can cause even a small crack in the windshield to shatter and spray glass into the car.
  • Maintaining your car’s structural integrity. Your windshield is actually a structural part of the vehicle by helping keep the roof from wiggling around. Stresses from a cracked or improperly installed windshield can weaken the roof and cause it to collapse, especially in a rollover accident.


Auto glass repair and replacement services

Let insured companies make your auto glass damage unshapen! They can repair or replace any glass on any vehicle, not just windshields

Why choose an insured company to repair or replace your auto glass?

  1. Your safety is their top priority
  2. They work closely with all major insurance companies
  3. They focus on unparalleled customer experience
  4. They have qualified and trained technicians
  5. They only use top quality materials
  6. Their auto glass comes with a Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle*
  7. Their stores have the ability to provide mobile services in most markets
  8. Their offers the ability to combine glass service with collision repairs
  9. There are invested in your community

Auto glass isn’t child’s play

When accidents happen, windshields need to remain rigid to protect the driver and passengers. Windshields provide up to 30% of a vehicle’s structural strength, so it is imperative that damaged windshields are replaced or repaired as soon as possible. They utilize only top quality and safety certified materials to repair or replace any windshield. They use products that are certified from Original Equipment Manufacturers.


Glass repair & replacement warranty

When you have your auto glass repaired or replaced, it carries a warranty against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your vehicle.

Advantages of a windshield repair

Save money, compare the cost of changing your windshield or repair, today the incorporation of rain sensors, temp., antennas, photo chromatic glass, high-security systems are considerably more expensive technology costs and here windshield also where the back windshield repair is a viable solution, and well, avoid using your insurance and thus increase the policy and / or premiums for this. Do not pay deductibles. Economically speaking, we can say that the delta (difference) between the courage to change your windshield and the repair will be much greater than the cost of repairing itself, that is, to repair your windshield always save more than 60% of I would spend on replacing, and that simply means; “Saving many thousands of pesos for you. And your valuable time.”

“Remember, the sooner windshield repair is performed, the result will be much more invisible” This is due to accumulated contamination is avoided inside the damage to be repaired, which cannot be removed or with compressed air systems, or through the use of harsh chemicals. Therefore it is recommended not to wet the glass and not try to cover the damaged area with some sort of adhesive or enamel, as these only contaminate the glass and prevent subsequent repair area.

The average windshield repair, time is 25 minutes and requires no aftercare. Avoid paperwork to get a new green label, TAG re-installation, and antenna, re-record the patent in the glass, etc.

You do not have to run out of your vehicle a day which is the time that advise the vast majority of changing windshield, but actually the time a vehicle must remain wet or move after windshield replacement is at least 48 hours, time required for the urethane (black paste that effectively serves to glue and seal the windshield to the body, the best quality are made ​​in USA).

When repairing a windshield, the glass is never removed, so their original factory sealed remains. This is one of the most important advantages, since, the windshield is one of the most important structural parts of the vehicle in safety are concerned. The windshield is assembled body before other parts of this, for robots, which means that is best fitted and secure.

Also in industries windshields are installed with special sealants and installation of windshield must meet rigorous safety standards (technical standards), which in short measure important aspects such as the flexibility of the glass (or rigid or loose), resistance in case of shock, or pressure exerted by the air bags when supported on glass. The laminated windshields are composed of two glass sheets on both sides and an intermediate polyvinyl butyric (PVB).

No leading brands as far as security is concerned, as e.g. Volvo, the design of the windshield is different, since the thickness of the inner foil is thicker than the outside, in order to give more strength when air bags support to the windshield in a crash.) Today all makes and models include safety systems.

With windshield repair, surprises caused by the change of windshield (cracks, leaks, scratched bodywork, etc.) are avoided. It is easy to detect a vehicle that has changed the windscreen (e.g.; noting the state of the green seal, moldings, etc.) and sell when it may seem that the windshield was changed because the vehicle He had a major accident and therefore their re-sales will become more difficult.

Windshield repair is guaranteed for life. This guarantee is that the damage will not continue to expand and not be a cause for rejection for technical review.


Adjusting the spray nozzles windshield wiper

Most cars modern equipped with spray nozzles in front of the windshield which are designed to spray liquid to clean the glass. When a new car leaves the production line, the nozzles are correctly aligned toward the windshield. Over time, however, they may deviate from its original position and finish spraying the fluid in less than perfect directions. Fortunately, the setting of this device is easy and fast.


Sit in the driver’s seat and the corresponding controls used to spray some liquid on the windshield. Observe the direction of the jets carefully in order to determine the necessary adjustment.

Pull the hood release lever, open the hood and place the support rod in place. Look at the bottom of each nozzle to see if there is an adjustable nut, not all vehicles have. If there is an adjustable wrench, loosen it with a wrench. Close the hood.

Try twisting the nozzle from side to side with your fingers. If there was no nut to loosen in the previous step, you may not be moved. If you can move, you orientate them in the direction they should go and then reassembles the car to spray some liquid and test operation. If necessary, continues adjusting and testing them until the nozzles pointing in the right direction. When you’re done, re-tighten the adjustable nut, if there was one and had loosened in the previous step.

Adjust the nozzles within the nozzle housings if necessary and possible. There are two ways to do it. You can take the tip of the nozzle with a thin tip pliers to move it, or you can insert a needle into the nozzle orifice and use it to guide it. In any case, be very careful when doing this, as not all the spray nozzles can be adjusted in this way. You should be able to realize when looking at the nozzle if it can be adjusted in this way, since the nozzle seem to be emerging from a round plastic ball. These designs are like a ball and socket joint; the nozzle is the ball and the nozzle housing is the socket.

Tips & Warnings:

  • If you have a manual specific to the vehicle owner that you want to adjust the spray nozzles, See it first. You can find more detailed information on the design of the nozzles.
  • By adjusting the nozzles in the spray ball and socket type, you should move down (more parallel to the ground) if liquid is coming out too high above the windshield and onto the roof. If the fluid is falling too low on the windshield, leaving the top dirty side, move the nozzles up (more perpendicular to the ground).

How to clean a windshield blurry

Blurry glass windshield can make you feel like you’re driving through fog, even was cleared. The dirt road or other vehicles deposits accumulate on the windshield and cause problems if not clean. Dirt on your windshield is not just dirt; may contain salt, tar, tree sap, oil and other liquids. This film layer is a security risk during inclement weather when a few drops of rain transformed the mixture into toxic sludge. Make an effort to keep you safe cleaning your windshield and other auto glass at least once a month.


  1. Sprinkle the outside of the windshield and windows with a degreasing detergent and water. Auto glass is exposed to oily contaminants and sticky that glass cleaners can cost them penetrate. Rub the glass with a soft cloth. Wash your car and rinse with clean water.
  2. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar 1/3. The remaining 2/3 fill with distilled water. Tap water can contain chemicals that cause scratching glass. Make a lid of detergent or neutral pH cleaner. Shake the bottle of glass cleaner to mix the ingredients.
  3. Spray glass cleaner on the windshield and clean it periodically. Clean from the top of the windshield to the base with broad strokes. Work outside the glass and go in, working in a window at a time. The newspaper has an effect of polished glass and mirrored surfaces.
  4. Spray wax auto glass, such as those made by Rain-X, Aquarelle or Glass Science, outside your windows. Polish wax through the windshield in a circular motion. Glass wax allows the windshield rain flowing in streams. Apply this product to the lights and the exterior mirrors for improved visibility during storms.
  5. Pule and dry the glass with a microfiber towel. These towels are lint-free and will not scratch the glass surface of the car.

Tips & Warnings

  • Clean your windshield in a shaded area to avoid scratching the glass cleaner.
  • Finally detailing your inner glass to prevent contamination of the fog of other cleaning products.
  • Some glass cleaners contain ammonia which dries the interior surfaces and emits dangerous fumes when heated.
  • The glass cleaner ammonia-based should not be used in the dyeing of aftermarket window.

How to clean a Plexiglas windshield of a motorcycle

The windshields of motorcycle are usually made ​​of Plexiglas or polycarbonate plastic. These materials are an alternative glass lightweight, inexpensive and shatterproof that requires special care. Although much safer than glass, polycarbonate, it cannot be cleaned like this or scratch and lose cluster quickly. Motorcycle windshields often are cleaned in excess or with incorrect materials, making them seem clouded. Clean a Plexiglas or plastic with extra care will ensure that it is not permanently scratched or blurry.


  1. Moisten the surface of the windshield with a damp cloth. If the surface has debris or insects stuck, put the cloth over the windshield to soak the dirtiest areas. Optionally, you can fill a spray bottle with water and wet the surface.
  2. Damp cloth dipped in water and carefully cleans the windshield. Avoid pressure during the process and let the water remove the maximum amount of dust.
  3. Rinse the cloth and return to pass through the windshield until all visible residues disappear. Sizes not as thick can make the powder scratch the Plexiglas. If you cannot remove the waste using only water, dilute a small amount of detergent to tackle in a bucket of water and use this solution to clean the windshield.
  4. Soak the windscreen several times with clean water from the cloth. Repeat this process until all dust and detergent disappears. If the rinse water is extremely dirty, change several times to avoid dirtying again.
  5. Dry windshield with a clean cloth. The drying process begins only when all visible dirt has been removed. Dry your windshield and carefully pat do not bear too much pressure while you do it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Terry cloths are better to clean Plexiglas because they are soft and when they are rinsed free dirt easily. Never use cloths that have been used with chemicals; any residue remaining on the cloth may damage the windshield. You keep a clean cloth to clean the windshield. Avoid using rubber rollers petrol stations or unauthorized cleaners. Consult the manual of Motorcycle Maintenance for a list of approved commercially available cleaners.
  • Never clean a windshield motorcycle with traditional glass cleaner. Products containing ammonia or alcohol will damage the Plexiglas when in contact with him. Do not use paper products, such as paper towels to clean the windshield. These contain wood fibers that create small scratches on it.

How to Buy Auto Glass  

After a robbery or a car accident, you are thinking about how to get your car on the road and not on the quality of the glass. But for your car the wrong glass can be damaged on the way, breaking in a serious accident, warns Understanding the different types of auto glass and choose the best quality you can afford, since glass is primarily a safety function of your car.


Visit your car dealer to buy your auto glass that is certified for your car and have your car brand (i.e., Toyota and Ford) stamped on it. Car dealers lead auto glass that is certified as “OEM” original equipment manufactured, and specific to your type of car.

Call the local repair of cars and ask if they are carriers of “OEM” auto glass. Unlike glass by the dealer – that is specific brand – glass “OEM” of a repair car is certified for the same cut and thickness as the auto glass of your car, but does not carry brand identification. For example, Acura “OEM” auto glass not bear the logo of Acura, but will have the same measures, dye and so the crystal in your Acura dealer, so there will be no mismatch. Arrange for a car repair shop to install “OEM” auto glass, and then pay for the glass and work later.

Visits an auto glass shop to buy cheaper “OEE,” or original equipment equivalent glass, if you are on a budget, Glass “OEE” (sometimes called aftermarket glass) does not carry the same size, thickness, color and quality as the “OEM” glass and should be used only as a last resort.

Compare shops for calling various auto repair or auto glass distributors whether to buy “OEM” or glass “OEE” prices then buy a glass provider that offers a good price and timely installation to get your car up and running again.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check reputations auto repair shops before taking your car there for auto glass repair. Ask if technicians have worked in your make and model of car before, and ask neighbors or mechanical trust for recommendations from reputable companies.

How to buy a car windshield replacement

Car windshields crack and need to be replaced for the safety of the driver and passengers. To some it may seem a complicated affair, but the broken windshield happen so often that companies windshield replacement cars are abundant in metropolitan cities. The following steps describe how to replace your car windshield easily.


  1. Examine the yellow pages to find a windshield replacement company which offers a repair service for holders of auto insurance by waiving your deductible. Most windshield replacement clauses in the main insurance policies have a deductible of $ 50.
  2. Make sure you have the make, model year, license plate number and vehicle identification number with you when you set your appointment. The auto glass company needs to bring the correct windshield replacement.
  3. Determine company car windshield replacement will not be any pocket expense for windshield replacement. In other words, your insurance company will not be billed and the deductible does not apply.
  4. Mark for the company to come to your home or office to replace the windshield. All companies of mobile auto glass are now. This is a common practice. However, you must make clear to the company that if they say “between 3 and 4 pm,” the repair man comes at that time. Any delay is not allowed. If early, we ask them to call and see if your vehicle is available.
  5. Wait for the man auto glass repair during the time that is supposed to arrive. Be ready to sign the papers, so your insurance company can bill properly.
  6. Review the instructions repair man like how long is supposed to remain attached tape to hold the windshield in place until the glue dries. Also, this is the time to ask any questions.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to avoid references insurance because, most likely, will have an out of pocket expense. It is best to try to find a company car windshields yourself, so you get the best deal – no out of pocket expense.
  • Auto windshield replacement is a competitive business, so take a moment to find the best deal.

How to Build a Plexiglas windshield

Plexiglas is a material made ​​of hard acrylic. With it, you can build a windshield for your motorcycle, your boat or your box truck. Making your Plexiglas windshield is a project you can tackle on your own if you have the proper tools. You must be careful when working with Plexiglas because the surface can be easily scratched.


  1. Decide what you want to do Plexiglas windshield and then make a template. It bridges the windshield with a piece of cardboard or thin cardboard. If your windshield has a hole which requires the use of a drill, mark it with any fold line.
  2. Cover both sides of the Plexiglas with blue tape to protect the material surface scratch.
  3. Brand around the pattern with a pencil or pen on the sheet of Plexiglas.
  4. Slowly and evenly cut with a band saw, saber or reciprocating. The size of the saw blade depends on the thickness and strength of your Plexiglas. Ask the vendor where you purchased your plate Plexiglas what is the appropriate size of the sheet.
  5. Position the windscreen in an upright position. Sand the edges equipped with a manual sanding with sandpaper of 80 grain and then repeat the process with sandpaper of 220 grain.
  6. Make holes with a drill bit smaller than necessary. Do it slowly, especially when the wick is to get out the other side. Reapply the drill over the hole, using a wick that is slightly larger than your bolts.
  7. Remove all the blue electrical tape. Place the Plexiglas on a workbench covered with a large sheet.
  8. If necessary make the windshield curves. Place a piece of cardboard between the Plexiglas and fix with a brace to protect it.
  9. Aim a heat gun to bend line, but do not stop moving at all times and not get too close or else make the Plexiglas bubble. If you are unsure of bend, take a discarded piece of Plexiglas and experiment with it before you do it on your windshield.

Tips & Warnings

Resist the urge to tighten the bolts on the Plexiglas removing the risk of breaking your windshield.

How to apply Rain-X treatment to a car windshield

Rain-X is a treatment for the windshield of your car that helps you see better during rain or snow. Depending on the climate where you live, this treatment can last up to four months after an application. If you live in a place where rainfall or snowfall is common, you have to apply it more frequently.


  1. Clean both outside and inside of your windshield the first time before you apply Rain-X. Although this product is applied on the outside of the windshield, cleaning the interior have vision improves further. Use a good product to clean the glass and make sure there are no stains. A mixture of vinegar with water and a small amount of soap can clean the windshield without leaving stains. Clean it in a place where not directly reach the sun to reduce blemishes too.
  2. Thoroughly clean the windshield to remove all traces of soap. Dry it or wait for it to dry.
  3. Apply Rain-X to clean windshield with a soft cloth. Be sure it covers the entire surface and allow  to dry until it forms a veil, as a light dried wax.
  4. Use a soft cloth to remove the product when it is dried. The time it takes to dry depends on the weather conditions at the time; if there is moisture, Rain-X  dry will take longer to form a web. Gently rub and polish the windshield until you have removed the entire product.
  5. Reapply the Rain-X when needed. If you live in a place with a lot of rainfall, more often you will use the wipers and the treatment will not last long. If used correctly, the product helps to drain the rain windshield in the form of droplets. When it rains, this effect greatly improves vision. If applied to the rear window, rain also be drained as droplets if the glass has a degree of inclination. Driving in the rain and snow becomes much easier if you continue to apply the treatment prescribed.