Replacing a car window


There are different procedures to use if you are replacing a fixed glass with a fixed glass frame or without a frame.

For a fixed glass with a frame, it’s just a matter of figuring out which parts have to remove in order to reach the fasteners and allow the entire unit to be removed, and then put it all back together with the new or used auto glass. This is where there is nothing like the factory service information as it may not be obvious how the glass is fixed or when the fasteners are at first sight.

For most automatic window replacements you will only need some basic, such as screwdrivers, pliers, and possibly a hand tools or combination keys. If the glass is fixed on a door, you must remove the door panel. Although not absolutely necessary, there are some inexpensive tools that make it easier to remove the door panel without damaging it or the mounting clips. A set of tools nylon lever are one of the best investments which are useful for many different things!

Once you have broken car window removed, use a vacuum to remove any broken glass from inside the door panel or inside the car. If the replacement glass does not come with a seal, take a close look at the old board. The seal may be fine, but it is safer to go ahead and replace it if the car is more than just a couple of years. After that, as everyone says manuals, installation is the reverse of removal! Replace the car window and put it all back together.

If the glass is flush with the outer surface of the body, cannot be any molding removed. It may also be necessary to remove a panel adjustment or two inside the car. To cut the old glass, first apply tape on the car body all the way around the window to protect the paint broken car. Then use a punch to make a hole through the adhesive between the window and the body. Then push a piece of piano wire through the hole, and use a sawing motion to cut the adhesive all the way around the window.

If you can reach both ends wire at the same time, get a helper to work, while working inside the car. Once you have sawed through the adhesive all the way around the window, you will use the suction cup is responsible for lifting the car window broken away from the vehicle body.

Then you have to prepare both the glass surface and the surface that the new adhesive contacts. There are different procedures depending on the type of new adhesive you are using. There can be a specific primer that needs to be applied to the old adhesive, and a different primer is in the glass. Follow the instructions that come with the new adhesive and / or factory service manual, including observation of any curing time specified. Be very careful not to touch any surface bonding with your hands, as this could jeopardize the integrity of the new board!

Once the new adhesive has been applied, use the suction cup handles again to place the new glass in position. Lightly press the glass evenly into the adhesive until it is fully seated in every way. Let the adhesive dry at rest for several hours depending on the adhesive instructions, and then be careful not to slam doors and avoid driving on excessively rough roads for several days until the adhesive has had time to heal fully with both surfaces.