Auto glass services

The side windows and rear windows are just as vulnerable as your windshield during an accident, Although automobile windows are designed and tempered to withstand shock, they can only take so much before Eventually They crack and shatter.

No matter how EXTENSIVE is the damage looks, our team of dedicated auto technicians will ensure that your vehicle’s windows are restored to the original condition STIs. You can always rely on experienced people to deliver a quality replacement or repair job at a reasonable price.

Side windows

It’s not just car accidents that can cause side windows to break, even nasty pranks and burglary Attempts target side windows for smashing. UNLIKE windshields and rear windows, which are fixed, side windows can be a lot trickier to repair due to the moving parts Involved. The regulator assemblies that raise or lower the windows need to be taken into consideration, and it can take more than just replacing broken glass to restore the full functionality of a side window.

Fortunately, your reliable auto glass repair center has the tools and materials needed to mend side window damages, Regardless of the extent of the destruction. Ultimate Collision’s repair services entail either the repair or the replacement of your vehicle’s side windows and regulator restoration. The process will involve taking down the door panel of the broken window’s side, which we will carry out in a careful manner so as not to leave any marks or scratches.