Auto glass repair insurance claims

A damaged windshield doesn’t always need to be replaced.

If your car’s windshield has minor damage, such as a chip or crack measuring less than 6 inches, it can probably be repaired.

Since even a small crack can grow over time, it’s important to report your glass damage claim as soon as possible.

Windshield and glass damage can occur suddenly and distract you when driving.

What to do if your vehicle’s glass has been damaged:

  1. If you’re on the road and the damage obscures your vision, pull to a safe location and put on your emergency lights.
  2. Be prepared to provide your vehicle’s year, make and model.
  3. Pick the date, time and place where you’d like the repair or replacement service performed.
  4. Make a note of your referral number.

Should you repair or replace a damaged windshield?

While minor auto glass damage may often be repairable, major damage can require replacement. Left unrepaired, even a chip or crack can spread and shatter. So, it’s important to have your windshield fixed by a qualified facility right away.

Among the advantages :

  • Protecting you and your passengers. Hit a pothole or a bump in the road and the impact can cause even a small crack in the windshield to shatter and spray glass into the car.
  • Maintaining your car’s structural integrity. Your windshield is actually a structural part of the vehicle by helping keep the roof from wiggling around. Stresses from a cracked or improperly installed windshield can weaken the roof and cause it to collapse, especially in a rollover accident.