Advantages of a windshield repair

Save money, compare the cost of changing your windshield or repair, today the incorporation of rain sensors, temp., antennas, photo chromatic glass, high-security systems are considerably more expensive technology costs and here windshield also where the back windshield repair is a viable solution, and well, avoid using your insurance and thus increase the policy and / or premiums for this. Do not pay deductibles. Economically speaking, we can say that the delta (difference) between the courage to change your windshield and the repair will be much greater than the cost of repairing itself, that is, to repair your windshield always save more than 60% of I would spend on replacing, and that simply means; “Saving many thousands of pesos for you. And your valuable time.”

“Remember, the sooner windshield repair is performed, the result will be much more invisible” This is due to accumulated contamination is avoided inside the damage to be repaired, which cannot be removed or with compressed air systems, or through the use of harsh chemicals. Therefore it is recommended not to wet the glass and not try to cover the damaged area with some sort of adhesive or enamel, as these only contaminate the glass and prevent subsequent repair area.

The average windshield repair, time is 25 minutes and requires no aftercare. Avoid paperwork to get a new green label, TAG re-installation, and antenna, re-record the patent in the glass, etc.

You do not have to run out of your vehicle a day which is the time that advise the vast majority of changing windshield, but actually the time a vehicle must remain wet or move after windshield replacement is at least 48 hours, time required for the urethane (black paste that effectively serves to glue and seal the windshield to the body, the best quality are made ​​in USA).

When repairing a windshield, the glass is never removed, so their original factory sealed remains. This is one of the most important advantages, since, the windshield is one of the most important structural parts of the vehicle in safety are concerned. The windshield is assembled body before other parts of this, for robots, which means that is best fitted and secure.

Also in industries windshields are installed with special sealants and installation of windshield must meet rigorous safety standards (technical standards), which in short measure important aspects such as the flexibility of the glass (or rigid or loose), resistance in case of shock, or pressure exerted by the air bags when supported on glass. The laminated windshields are composed of two glass sheets on both sides and an intermediate polyvinyl butyric (PVB).

No leading brands as far as security is concerned, as e.g. Volvo, the design of the windshield is different, since the thickness of the inner foil is thicker than the outside, in order to give more strength when air bags support to the windshield in a crash.) Today all makes and models include safety systems.

With windshield repair, surprises caused by the change of windshield (cracks, leaks, scratched bodywork, etc.) are avoided. It is easy to detect a vehicle that has changed the windscreen (e.g.; noting the state of the green seal, moldings, etc.) and sell when it may seem that the windshield was changed because the vehicle He had a major accident and therefore their re-sales will become more difficult.

Windshield repair is guaranteed for life. This guarantee is that the damage will not continue to expand and not be a cause for rejection for technical review.